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We focus on fundraising, so that you can focus on your mission.

At Philanthropy Focus, we help nonprofits achieve fundraising success and advance their missions.

REACH new supporters, ENGAGE donors, volunteers, and community members, and GROW revenues.

We concentrate on three core areas that are the foundation for fundraising success.


Fundraising & Development

It is crucial to raise money, develop key relationships, and plan for long-term, sustainable funding.

We will help you overcome your

fundraising challenges, and provide you with a roadmap for raising more money.

Marketing & Communications

Board Engagement & Training

It is important to have robust marketing and communications plans that are founded in your organization’s mission and brand, and that tie into your development efforts.

It is vital to have a motivated and engaged Board.  We coach and educate nonprofit Board, staff, and committee members so that they understand how fundraising works and where they fit in.

Reach Your Goals


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