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We’re here to help - whatever your hurdles. 


We can help you reach your goals.  We'll work with you on a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. We understand that you wear many hats, and we're here to help you achieve success.

Check out our services and reach out, so that we can create a solution that is right for you.


Fundraising & Development

We will help you overcome your fundraising challenges, and provide you with a roadmap for raising more money.


Whatever your hurdles, we can help with everything from creating and implementing a development plan, creating a comprehensive communications and social media plan, creating a case for support, help identifying key partners, building long-term relationships, and much more.


Marketing & Communications

We will help you build and develop robust marketing and communications plans that are founded in your organization’s mission and brand, and that tie into your development efforts.


We will work with you and provide solutions that fit your needs.  We can help with everything from creating a comprehensive marketing plan, designing and implementing a communications plan that fits your needs and staffing resources, creating marketing materials (print and digital), producing your annual report, and much more.


Board Engagement & Training

We coach and educate nonprofit Board, staff, and committee members so that they understand how fundraising works and where they fit in.


We will motivate and more deeply engage your board, so that they’re ready to fundraise and advance your mission. We provide guidance or direct coaching/training in one-on-one or group sessions with training on everything from fundraising, soliciting sponsorships, and specific ways they can become active ambassadors and advocates for your organization.

Reach Your Goals


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