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Keys to a Successful Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Make this year-end fundraising campaign your best ever.

Most people desire to make a positive impact in the communities where they live. Nearly one third (31%) of annual giving occurs in December (Gomez, 2020). During the holiday season, many are motivated to act on their compassion and generosity, by supporting causes they care about because it makes them feel good.

5 Keys to Success

Strong Story (case for support)

· Tell your compelling story

· Remember the Donor is the hero of this story

· Spend time crafting and honing your message

· Think about:

- Why should they give now?

- Why to you?

- How will their gift make a difference?

· Consider how you will use pictures

· Make a clear ask for a donation

It can seem challenging for organizations with multiple service lines to tell one story that highlights all that you do. However, remember that the donor is the hero, so with holistic services it can be powerful to demonstrate the positive impact that the donor is making in a person’s life and our community.

Segmentation – Taylor your message to each specific audience

· Segment your contact list and customize message specifically for that audience

- important segments may include: current donor, new donor, major donor, lapsed donor, volunteer, and prospect -newsletter subscribers and event attendees that have not donated may be placed into this category

· Major donors and new donors should get calls – enlist Board and Committee Members to help with this

Personal Connection – It’s all about relationships

The most effective fundraising ask is a personal ask – people give to people they know. Enlisting and engaging Board and Committee members is crucial for success, and here are some examples how they can help.

· Make calls to major donors and new donors

· Send personal email asks

· Like and share posts during campaign on social media

Plan and Prepare

· Successful campaigns require planning and preparation.

· Create a simple communications plan that includes

- Timeline

- Messaging

- Medium (e-blast, social media accounts, website, etc.)

- Identify which pictures will be used

- Talking points and sample scripts for phone calls and emails

- Supplemental materials

Acknowledgment – Always do this!

· Send personal thank you notecards - mailed

· Email personalized thank you

· Get your Board and Committee Members involved –they will love this part

· Follow with the formal acknowledgement letter

In conclusion, because of the challenging and unprecedented time we are living in - this year you have had tons on your plate. The data shows that now is the time to bolster your fundraising efforts and take advantage of the opportunities this time of year brings!

If you are elbow deep in alligators and do not have the time needed to create a successful year-end campaign, there are experts who can help. I would be excited to talk with you, and my contact information is below.

Valerie Davis

Philanthropy Focus

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